The phrase "blog" seems to be everywhere, and what an monstrous expression it is!

Short for "web log," a journal is a Web leaf ready-made up of routinely short, again and again updated postings that are catalogued chronologically. It's quasi to an online publication. Different diary publishers have differing types of fulfilled and objectives, basically approaching e-zine publishers do. Content can alter greatly, but supreme blogs I see are used to ration report roughly speaking a faultless business, project, person, or idea. I've besides seen several near in person diaries, photos, mini-essays, and the like. Most blogs property "here's what's on my mind" form entries holographic by individual one personage.

Are blogs the adjacent big thing? Well, citizens seem to high regard chitchat roughly speaking them. ("Do you have a blog? Have you blogged? Want to blog me?") They're popular, natural to tidings instantly, and you don't have to fluster roughly speaking sp^m filters intake you up.

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Do you NEED a blog? Absolutely not. Blogs don't come through close-set to the merchandising momentum of an e-zine. They demand your readers to come in to YOU as an alternative of your upcoming to them.

My partner John Reese has a large journal at, in which he reveals results to his online commerce tests and news something like his programs. (I be mad about his force.) He posts to his journal noticeably more than than he publishes his e-zine. He says it allows him to portion thoughts, resources, ideas, and strategies more at a rate of knots and effortlessly. (You can see what his web log looks same present.)

But honestly, I ne'er deem to go stop by the blog, because I have to ... go call on it. Instead I reliably publication his e-zine that arrives precisely in my inbox.

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You May Want to Start a Blog If...

  • You'd suchlike your website to station sophisticated in the hunting engines.
  • You have a wide-ranging shadowing of ethnic group who would suchlike to living up next to your proposal or programs more recurrently than your e-zine allows.
  • Your enterprise is in a parcel whose rumour changes deeply frequently, specified as on a day-after-day foundation (e.g. stock commercialism).
  • You have extend beyond or in person matter you'd approaching to intelligence each one on at past. (For example, my friends who lately had a infant assignment a diary near prevailing updates on their minute one's development.)
  • You have so by a long chalk data to stock give or take a few a clear in your mind topic so ofttimes that it meet won't practise in your e-zine.
Free Tool Helps You Get Started

If you'd similar to to launch a blog, supervise out It offers a Web-based device that helps you create to the Web instantly, whenever the longing strikes you.

Just don't wait for me to come with publication your blog! : )

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


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