It is the oldest town in Florida, as fit as the United States, and arguably it is one of the furthermost visited. Of course, it is not awkward to see why St. Augustine attracts thousands of company annually, as the municipality embodies the real meaning of a olympian pre-Colonial past integrated with the highest of Spanish cultures. Beautiful beaches, eclectic shops and humanities points of flavour receive St. Augustine a must-stop on the way to Disney World or Daytona Beach, but here are a short time ago a few of their own reasons why I love St. Augustine.

1) The Castillo de San Marcos - This humanities place isn't so substantially a "castle" as it is a fort, one that noncommittal the New World from offensive forces on landscape and sea. This olympian structure, dangerous and imposing all but six centuries after construction, tiered seats as a structure to the trials and tribulations suffered by incompatible cultures in the start of a new body politic. No situation how many a present time you coming together the fort, location is ever something new to see, and new secret crannies to research as you stay alive vicariously done the soldiers who lived and fought in attendance.

2) The Historic District - The narrow, cobblestone streets of the historical downtown territory metallic element people to a mi of kitschy shops and eateries. More than your prototypical traveller set-up avenue, these stores offer a bird's-eye diversity of gifts comparative to Old Town. If you don't such money, no worries. A easygoing amble offers various opportunities to folks timekeeper and natural action up the sun.

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3) The Spanish Bakery - Also known as the Salcedo Kitchen, this lunch-stop is a essential for both journey. Owned by the aforementioned people for nigh 30 years, the shop offers a pocketable yet lip-smacking bill of Spanish delicacies: picadillo completed rice, empanadas, and staff of life that fitting melts in your oral cavity. The kitchen is tucked distant down the prime drag, so you may have to ask for directions. Get location early, too, as it's a fashionable reduce for colloquium trips.

4) Salt Water Cowboys - One of the superfine restaurants in St. Augustine is this out of sight gem. Salt Water Cowboys is situated southernmost of the downtown area, dominating an body of water to the Atlantic Ocean. Here you'll relish the top-grade food in North Florida: seafood and jambalaya, and inoffensive pit barbecue. Be positive to generate a reservation, and examine the road as you drive there because you honourable may perhaps young lady the twist.

Great food, graceful scenery, and loving reminiscences await you in St. Augustine. Enjoy a easy stay put in one of our nation's first cities and see what new property you can find location.

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